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The LEI partnership is a rich source of knowledge, complimentary expertise and specialist skills. We look forward to sharing our partnership journey.

Antares srl

Rome, Italy

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ANTARES Srl is an Italian SME founded in 1989, with a large team of qualified consultants. It works in the field of enterprise consultancy, socio-organisational research and management training. ANTARES has been involved in more than 50 national and European partnerships, both in research and training areas, showing its ability to manage complex projects, paying particular attention to organisations working with innovative processes (telework, e-learning, etc.).

In particular it has a great experience in research and training for human resources (skill assessment, career development, transversal training for professional development, wellbeing assessment, diversity management, etc.)

It manages all projects by cooperating with the clients and partners relating its interventions to their specific needs. Moreover it has a large experience in the area of monitoring and evaluation of complex projects, managing their quality system.

For over 15 years Antares has been partner in European projects especially in the field of vocational education and training (VET), aimed at innovation and the exchange of good practices with regard to skills development and coaching in favor of disadvantaged people and the definition of models and tools to ensure quality consistent with European frameworks.

Among others, NetworkQA Project, coordinated by the Ballymun Job Center in Dublin (IR), for the validation and dissemination of an Interagency methodology in the vocational training sector; E.Guide and E.Guide Best practices projects, also coordinated by the BJC, for the development of a quality assurance system in the process of guidance to basic training and employability of people in disadvantaged situations. Furthermore, Antares was involved in the important EC-YP project (Extended Choices for Young People in VET) for the experimentation of a collaborative mentoring path for young Neet with the help of an online platform for mentors and young people. Within the project, coordinated by GEMS NI of Belfast (UK), Antares was responsible for a comparative report on the needs analysis and intervention programs in favor of Neets in the partner countries. In the ongoing project VOCIS - Vocational Training of the Inner-Self project, coordinated by Caritas of Luxembourg, Antares is responsible for a Coaching training program in Continuous VET and of quality and the monitoring plan. Finally, since 2016 Antares is coordinating a KA2-VET project, named Day Plot - Diagnosis and Actions for Young People Looking for a Better Future which aims to implement a set of tools to help Neets strengthen their skills and better relate to the labour market.

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Caritasverband für das Dekanat Borken e.V.

Borken, Germany

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The Caritasverband für das Dekanat Borken e.V. was founded in 1975 as a NGO association and has actually about 1000 employees . Borken is a town and the capital of the district of the same name, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, near by the Dutch border. Over the past decades Caritas Borken gained qualified expertise and a huge range of experience in the fields of social work with migrants and psychological counseling as well as in national and international projects

Both services of Caritas Borken will be involved in the LEI project, the department for Integration and Migration and the psychological counseling center for parents, adolescents and children.

The department for Integration and Migration supports institutions by initiation, directing and accompanying of the integration processes. It gives orientation for individuals, support and counselling to live and create a self-reliant and confident life in this region. The department is in cooperation and networking with migration relevant initiatives and organizations, it collaborates with local and regional public administrations, too. Particularly noteworthy is the intercultural network Westmünsterland with about 20 organizations, including educational institutions that promote the target group of LEI like Akademie Klausenhof. Since 1996 the pedagogue Marijan Renić works in the field of social consultancy for migrants. He managed a lot of projects at last as the responsible coordinator of the Leonardo da Vinci project. The project development and management of intercultural opening processes are the actual priorities as well as the cooperation with stakeholders and networks in this field regarding the needs of the target-group.

The counselling center deals in general with clients who make use of social and counselling support when coping with external cooperation problems (e.g. social conflict, divorce, mobbing and so on) or internal cooperation skills (e.g. lack of trust into own skills, reduced self-esteem and so on). At Caritas Borken we follow a systemic approach and our staff is educated in a broad range of techniques.

Being responsible for an area of about 100.000 inhabitants, it supports between 500 to 700 clients − individuals, parents, children and social experts and multipliers (e.g. teachers) − per year. We deliver a huge range of individual therapies, workshops, social training groups, social projects and are part of a regional professional network. Our partners are social service suppliers, medical institutions, EU-partners as well as Universities and research institutions. Since 1999 the psychologist Dr. Stephan Rietmann, is head of the department. He is trained in brief therapy, family therapy, diagnostic of personality and clinical hypnosis (Ericksonian Hypnosis) an expert for clinical psychology as well as occupational psychology. He regularly publishes expertise, projects and professional experience in articles and handbooks for the target groups within the professional und scientific community.

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Centre Recursos d'Iniciatives i Autoocupació, sl (C.R.I.A.)

Barcelona, Spain

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Centre Recursos d'Iniciatives i Autoocupació, sl (C.R.I.A.) performs as consultancy and training organization of PROMOCIONS - Knowledge Network - and is specialized in: Social inclusion programs and local social development, Local economic and employment actions with disabled people, Training of trainers in innovation educational action, and European manager training, Political employment and social innovation - Programs of start-up and social enterprise development in different sectors.

CRIA is a small private company, since 1997 promotes, assesses and participates in European initiatives programs and international cooperation. Work with public administrations (local and regional level), other privates sectorial companies ( services, education, industry), trade unions and social and educational organizations, economic and social thematic networks.





Guimarães, Portugal

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DESINCOOP is a provider of services cooperative, established in 2005, in the North Region of Portugal, Guimarães, with the aim of creating employment opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion because of their ethnic origin, age, gender and/or disability.

Its mission is to provide services in the areas of economic, social, educational and cultural initiatives through innovative solutions that meet the needs of their target groups, its territory, and their Cooperators and collaborators.

The social profiles of Desincoop beneficiaries are young people, adult and senior unemployed people from disadvantaged backgrounds and minorities trying to find a first job or a new employment. In a lot of cases, they are trying a self-employment since their qualifications are not enough to very competitive jobs.

The main activities are studies, consultancy, training, elaboration of projects, support for the creation and operation of Proximity Services and other cooperatives, social and cultural interventions in the community in two of the pillars of Desincoop strategic vision: the defense of human rights and sustainable development.

The cooperative founders have previous experience in all the fields mentioned as professionals and trainers. With their contribution new partners were searched to improve the participation in European programs (Leonardo, Grundtvig Progress, Daphne, Long Life Learning, Youth in Action, Europe for Citizen and Erasmus+), to develop the skills of its staff and to achieve the cooperative goals, mainly the transference of good practices. The recruitment of the others collaborators is made in their professional network.

In the first 2 years, Desincoop developed 2 studies funded by European Social Funds about the Social Economy Sector, which were crucial to start establishing partnerships with other non-profit organizations as well as several governmental institutions. Since 2006 associated internship opportunities to young graduates and/or looking for their first job to mobility experiences and training for young people through the European Youth in Action Programme until this moment around 300 participations. The priority was always given to young people with fewer opportunities (youngsters with disabilities, especially hearing, and from disadvantaged backgrounds). In 2013 Desincoop was accredited to be EVS coordinating and sending organization and since 2017 is also hosting organization.

As a result of a project funded by Progress, in 2010, about Sustainable Development Activities and the rehabilitation of professions extinct or endangered, on September 15th, 2011 the Municipality of Guimarães gave a small farm in ruins "Casa de Dardos" in Lending Contract. The first works to transform this space were supported by cooperators and volunteers and since then with training courses for people with low qualification or no qualification at all (disable people, long-term unemployed people and belonging to the Roma community)

The organization of scientific events such workshops, focus-group and Seminars also gave experience and consolidated the cooperative network at local and international levels. As part of local activities, the celebration of the 25th November International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women is promoted every year, the same with a Cycling for Equality event, the International Women´s day and International Roma Day.

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GEMS Northern Ireland

Belfast, UK

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GEMS Northern Ireland is a company limited by guarantee and registered charity/social enterprise organisation. Since our launch in 2002 we have developed and delivered best practice in employability/employment services. GEMS NI is recognised as delivering excellence in IAG and VET and our development of models of best practice in employability interventions that support long-term unemployed/economically inactive people and in particular marginalized and disadvantaged groups including lone parents, migrants, young people who are NEET, older people, people with disabilities and health conditions, who experience disadvantage in the labour market. GEMS NI is committed to bringing "people to jobs and jobs to people". GEMS NI strives to promote social inclusion in the labour market and respects the client's right to freedom of career choice and freely chosen employment choice within the constraints and realities of the labour market.




IIS Leonardo da Vinci

Piazza Armerina, Italy

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Established over fifty years ago, IIS Leonardo da Vinci is a Sicilian High School with 1,000 students aged between 14 and 18 years. IIS Leonardo da Vinci is located in Piazza Armerina. The school is located in an area of high social disadvantage with a high unemployment rate. Students are accepted to our school following their attendance at a lower-high school. Many of our students do not have opportunities to travel abroad and are encouraged and supported to learn foreign languages.

The mission of our school is to provide relevant and outstanding education through its Special Curriculum, to prepare the students for higher education, to help training, to prepare the conditions and the environment for the students who are interested in research, scientific and technological developments, to educate individuals who can use the new technologies and prepare projects and finally to give them a foreign language education so that they can make scientific research and follow the scientific and technological development. We are trying students to understand that we all are equal, we all have the right to be respected and we are European citizen .We are always looking for ways to improve our students' experiences focusing on internationalising of the curriculum, improving language skills, and utilizing more technology in the classroom: all these are our three main aims. We focus our efforts on providing to our students and teachers good opportunities for education and training at a high standard, while supporting their personal and professional development and enhancing the quality of their life.

Our programmes include:

  • Economic Course-articulation "Business Information Systems"
  • Economic Course- articulation: "Administration, Finance and Marketing Technology Course - articulation "Construction, Environment and Territory"
  • Social
  • Dental technician
  • Electrical and electronics
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